Viscosity Ratings Are the Key to Preserving Engines

When it comes to motor oils, viscosity refers to the ability of oil to flow in certain conditions. When a motor is running, heat is a major factor in how oil covers and lubricates an engine. This is why it is important to use oil with adequate viscosity. Not enough viscosity will cause a car’s engine parts to have undue wear and damage.

Motor oil viscosities are indicated by their “W” rating. The number preceding the “W” on any oil type indicates its ability to withstand motor heat. As cars age, they require shifting grades of motor oil. Understanding what viscosity rating is ideal for your car can be difficult. The engine specialists at Bob Allen Nissan can provide information about older, newer, and high-performance vehicle oil viscosity requirements.

Understanding viscosity ratings is also important when maintaining a specialty vehicle in Danville, KY. Custom engines and vintage motors often require specific oil types. Generic oil types might not be enough to maintain the performance of these vehicles. Consult with an engine specialist at Bob Allen Nissan to learn what type of oil is best for your vehicle.

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