An Extra-Quiet Ride with the Nissan Maxima

Do you like a quiet ride? We bet you do, because most people don't want to hear the wind whipping past their vehicle on the highway. With the Nissan Maxima, a popular luxury sports sedan, there are two ways that you can have that quiet ride.

The acoustic laminated glass is two sheets of glass with a sound dampening barrier in between that cuts down on a lot of the noise from the wind and road. It comes on both the windshield and the two front door windows. And if there's still some noise, you can count on active noise cancellation on the Bose radio. It sends out a signal that cancels noise so that you can have a more comfortable conversation on the phone or with your passengers.

If you want to hear the difference, come to Bob Allen Nissan in Danville, KY for a test drive. With all of the conversation-friendly quiet, our sales associate will also be able to tell you about all of the other features that are available.

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