The Nissan Armada comes ready to provide all of the attributes of a powerful SUV. It is equipped with an all-wheel drive system that gives it incredible towing capabilities. The Armada has an array of options that make it an extremely versatile vehicle.

The 2018 Armada is loaded with a 5.6 direct engine gasoline V8 which is rated at 390 horsepower. The engine gives off 394 pounds-foot torque. This makes for a tremendous towing capacity of 8500 lbs. The Dual Overhead cams, 32 valves and WEL valve control mean that the throttle is very responsive, yet the car does not use an immense amount of gasoline. The Nissan Armada has a 7-speed automatic transmission with adaptive downshifting. The car automatically adjusts in different types of climate situations so that it maintains control in various sorts of weather.

An expert at Bob Allen Nissan will provide a test drive in Danville with the 2018 Nissan Armada today.

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