Auto Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask: What's Brake Fluid?

Your car can't function properly without brake fluid, but could you explain what it is if a friend or family member asked? If you couldn't, don't worry. You'll practically sound like an expert after reading this short explanation.

When you step on the gas pedal, brake fluid goes to each brake and applies pressure to slow your vehicle down. Sometimes referred to as hydraulic fluid, brake fluid is a durable fluid that can withstand high pressure and temperatures, two good qualities to have when dealing with a moving vehicle, which can get quite hot. Hydraulic fluid is a non-compressible substance that stays within the car's brake lines. Upon pressing the brake pedal, the fluid rushes to your rotors to help your vehicle slow down or stop.

As time goes by, brake fluid gets contaminated by moisture and other substances. This results in reduced performance. You can bring your car into the service center at Bob Allen Nissan to find out if your vehicle needs brake fluid replacement.

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