Performance and the Exhaust System

An important part of any vehicle that you drive is the muffler. This part is linked to the exhaust system and keeps the noises from the motor and other components to a minimum. The exhaust system also plays a part in the performance of the vehicle.

When your vehicle is able to eliminate gases as quickly as possible, it increases the horsepower and prevents lagging while driving. There is a bit of restriction on the amount of power that you'll see with a muffler because the gases bounce off of the chambers in the system. However, without the muffler and exhaust in place, your vehicle will likely see a decrease in power and exude a loud noise.

If there are any issues with your vehicle, you can bring it to the service center here at Bob Allen Nissan in Danville to have it examined. Before purchasing a vehicle, you need to look at the muffler to ensure that it's intact and to see if there are any holes as even small holes can decrease performance.

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