The Nissan Rogue is Making Waves

The Nissan Rogue has made a name for itself as a high performer. It comes with a powerful engine, modern interior touches, and the reliability that many of today's drivers need.

Keeping everything rolling are 19" aluminum-alloy wheels. With their unique stylings, they even seem to show motion when they're still because they have sleek, aggressive lines built into them. The outside mirrors are practical to use and come with extra features like power controls, heated surfaces, and LED turn indicators. This can make it easier to get going on those mornings or nights when the weather is a little crisp.

Head over to Bob Allen Nissan if you'd like to check out a Nissan Rogue. We'd be happy to show you the vehicles that we have in stock, and we can have you take one for a test drive around Danville, KY.

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