How to Avoid a Blowout

Blowouts, for as inconvenient as they can be, can usually be avoided. Visit us at Bob Allen Nissan for tips on how to avoid untimely flat tires and blowouts.

Although many things can cause a blowout, underinflated tires is probably the main cause. Here are some to remember to avoid this catastrophe.

  • Check the recommended air pressure for your vehicle. It’s listed on the doorsill or in the owner’s manual, which should be in the glove box.
  • Air pressure should be checked after the car has cooled down.
  • Check the inside of the tires for hidden damage.
  • Remember tire pressure increases or decreases in summer and winter weather.
  • Check your air pressure periodically with a tire gauge.

If you’ve recently had a blowout, you may be in need of new tires. Call for an appointment or stop in our service center located in Danville, KY and see the many tires we have to offer.

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