3 Reasons Winter Wiper Blades are a Smart Purchase

Don't get caught on the winter roads this season with wipers that are not designed to handle the severe drop in temperatures. The best thing you can do today is to invest in some winter wiper blades now.

  1. The winter wiper blades are encased in a thick plastic shell that will not only protect the wipers, but it is also designed to stop the buildup of ice on the blades too. This means it is easier to operate the wipers in inclement weather.
  2. The new winter wiper blades have been crafted to operate in the coldest temperatures and will not get stuck when ice forms.
  3. The biggest advantage to the winter blades is that they are crafted to be able to easily push the snow off the field of vision as driving.

Be sure to head over to Bob Allen Nissan before the cold sets in to get your winter wiper blades installed.

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