Purchasing a Car is More Than Just a Car Payment

Other than buying a house, car ownership is probably your second biggest expense that you may encounter. When purchasing a car, you may think that all that is involved is the monthly car payment, but there are other expenses to consider in finding the right car to fit your budget.

What are the total expenses to consider in figuring your monthly payment?

1. Car Cost

2. Taxes/fees

3. Gas

4. Insurance

5. Maintenance

6. Repairs

7. Depreciation

It gets recommended by experts that your car payment should not exceed twenty percent of total monthly take-home pay. So, when you are going to be figuring your car payment, consider all of the above expenses to make sure you choose a car that is affordable for you. Do you need help finding the right vehicle for your needs and budget?

Please come down and see us at Bob Allen Nissan today, and let us help you find the car that will check off the list of your requirements!

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