Introducing the All-New Nissan LEAF EV


September 5, 2017 will be a day to write down in the history books, folks. It's the day that Nissan's highly anticipated new Nissan LEAF will be released. So mark your calendars - you won't want to miss it.

The new LEAF will sport a newly redesigned exterior. From currently released photos, Nissan's mean-green-machine will get a little meaner. That is, the exterior styling should be edgier and bolder, while still maintaining an aerodynamically efficient profile and soft countours over which the wind can easily flow.

Technology Improvements on the 2017 LEAF

The newest generation LEAF feature innovative tech-improvements like new e-Pedal technology, which allows LEAF drivers to speed up, slow down, and brake with just the accelerator pedal. It will also feature other new safety features, technology, and improvements that you can learn more about during the big unveil. So stay tuned to Nissan news for more information. And once the new LEAF is released, stop by Bob Allen Nissan to take one for a test drive! Here's to the future of motoring. Here's to the new Nissan LEAF.

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